Reizē ar vīna studijas atklāšanu, realizēsim vēl kādu mūsu sākotnēji izlolotu ieceri - Interešu vakarus Dāres vīna studijā
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Date Added: 11/03/2013

Nu jau straujiem soļiem tuvojās brīdis, kad jebkurš interesents skaistā un nepiespiestā atmosfērā varēs izbaudīt vīnu Dāre vīna studijā. Bāra lete jau izjaukta un pošās ceļam u…

Date Added: 18/02/2013
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Dāre - vieta labām lietām! Baltu rotas, kalumi, keramika, lins...

Welcome to Dāre!

DĀRE is not only the place for the best things; it is an invitation and a challenge. In our busy world, there are times when everything seems overwhelming. In those times, one often misses the most meaningful things: people who can speak from the heart, and things which tell their own story; things crafted with passion and soul. Dāre salon exists to fill that void. As the ancient Latvian barns stored the greatest riches the Earth had to offer, so Dāre provides the best place to store and display the treasures of Latvia's tradesmen, craftsmen, and artists.

We live in a country that can't boast the tallest mountain, the largest building, or the wealthiest people on Earth, yet we do have other things about which we can proudly talk in the superlative!

We have the most beautiful ceramics, each piece carrying within it the warm touch of the craftsman. We have the warmest wool socks, gloves, and shawls, every stitch either pulled through skillful fingers or formed through the gentle click-clack of the loom, shaped and decorated with mystic Latvian symbols in harmonious colors. We have the most extraordinary works of metal, storing within their iron cores the story of ancient forges, and the blacksmith pounding hammer to anvil.

We offer many items, both for practical use and for aesthetic enjoyment, worked from wood taken from trees that have had roots dug deep into our own Latvian soil. Thus we continue to grow, joined by even more talented craftsmen, each making their unique wares; unique in that each piece is hand crafted, and will therefore never have an exact duplicate. Which is why Dāre wants to collect our people's treasures together in one salon located at the very heart of Oldtown Riga—as grain stored in a barn is sown to bring another harvest, so too do we want to show everyone outside our nation's boarders the beauty of the works of our craftsmen and artists, and invite them back to our beautiful Latvia.

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